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From its very beginning, Pascal has a strong position in science and technology. Pascal's utility in scientific applications is supported by integrated fault prevention strategies (which were built-in from the ground up), a broad spectrum of supported platforms ranging from embedded and mobile systems to mainframes and supercomputers, and by a high execution speed of compiled programs. Modern Pascal implementations including Free Pascal complement Pascal's pole position by integrating state-of-the-art programming paradigms and a plethora of bundled mathematical data types and functions. This diversity is supplemented by multiple third-party libraries and components for highly specialised applications.

This portal provides an overview of applications of Lazarus and Free Pascal in science, research, medicine and technology and a (continuously growing) selection of scientific third-party extensions.


Packages, units and librariesedit
  • ALGLIB, a cross-platform library for numerical analysis and data processing
  • gmp, GNU Multiple Precision Arithmetic Library
  • NumLib, a numerical package in the TP dialect
  • DMath, mathematical library for Pascal
  • LMath, further development of DMath, extended and adapted for use with FPC + Lazarus
  • CyberUnits, a cross-platform class library for computer simulations in life sciences and systems research
  • PUMA Repository, reusable code modules for health informatics
  • BigInteger, the list of big integer libraries

Example projectsedit