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The xor operator compares two boolean values, and returns true if and only if one of them is true.

Boolean operation

Exclusive or (xor) results in a value of true if and only if exactly one of the operands has a value of true.

Truth table

A B A xor B
  false     false     false
  false   true   true
  true   false   true
  true   true   false

Bitwise operation

Bitwise xor sets the bit to 1 where the corresponding bits in its operands are different, and to 0 if they are the same.


xor 0011'0100

Toggle a bit

function ToggleBit(const AValue,ABitNumber:integer):integer;
   result := AValue xor 1 shl ABitNumber;

If you call ToggleBit(11,0) then get 10. If you call ToggleBit(10,2) then get 14.

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