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The if keyword precedes a condition, must be followed by then and a statement. The statement may optionally be followed by else and another statement. This creates a binary branch.

If then

if condition
	then true_statement
else false_statement;

condition is a Boolean expression that evaluates to true xor false. true_statement is executed if condition evaluates to true. false_statement is executed if condition evaluates to false. A compile-time error occurs if the type of condition does not evaluate to a Boolean value.

Multiple statements in if then branch

If you need two or more statements for true_statement or false_statement, enclose them within a begin … end frame (“compound statement”).

if boolean_condition then


In order to optimize for speed in an if  then  else branch, try to write your expression so that the then-part gets executed most often. This improves the rate of successful jump predictions.

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