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Besides Lazarus and FPC, this wiki contains also pages of other related projects:

  • fpGUI Toolkit
    fpGUI is a widgetset completely written in Object Pascal. It provides single-source portability across Linux, MS Windows, *BSD and embedded devices like Embedded Linux and Windows CE. It links directly with the underlying windowing system (Xlib, GDI), and thus avoids the need for many large external libraries (eg: Qt, GTK etc) making application deployment much easier.
  • Fresnel
  • Light Web Server
  • Key Objects Library and Mirror Classes Kit for win32 and win-ce
    Key Objects Library (KOL) is a set of objects to develop powerful (but compact) Win32/Windows CE/Pocket PC/Windows Mobile GUI applications using Free Pascal.
    Mirror Classes Kit (MCK) is Lazarus package which allows to visually develop KOL applications.
  • MSEide & MSEgui
  • Powtils
  • Web Application Template Engine
  • Ultibo core Ultibo core is an embedded or bare metal development environment for Raspberry Pi.