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Books about Free Pascal

  • Free Pascal and Lazarus - A textbook on programming by Alekseev E.R., Chesnokova O.V., Kucher T.V., ISBN 978-5-94074-611-9, translated from the original Russian into English by Norm G. PDF and EPUB version. 2021 (English translation). PDF Original. 2010 (Russian original).
  • FreePascal from SquareOne (free PDF book) by Jeff Duntemann, 2019.
  • Modern Object Pascal Introduction for Programmers by Michalis Kamburelis, 2018, PDF or HTML.
  • Free Pascal 2 by Michaël van Canneyt, Florian Klämpfl, CUL 2012, Paperback, ISBN 9783936546729 - The official Free Pascal book in German (out of print).

Books about Lazarus

Light bulb  Note: Books about Lazarus invariably also include material about Free Pascal
  • Lazarus Handbook by Michaël van Canneyt, Martin Friebe, Mattias Gärtner, Inoussa Ouedraogo, Detlef Overbeek, Howard Page Clark and Werner Pamler, Blaise Pascal Magazine, August 2020, ISBN 978-94-90968-02-1 (PDF), ISBN 978-94-90968-13-7 (hard cover), ISBN 978-94-90-968-97-7 (soft cover).
  • Learn to program using Lazarus by Howard Page-Clark, 2013, ISBN 978-94-90968-04-5, PDF, covers Object Pascal and Lazarus in a tutorial approach, in English.
  • Lazarus - Klassenbibliothek und IDE by M. van Canneyt, M. Gärtner, S. Heinig, F. Monteiro de Cavalho, I. Ouedraogo, CUL 2011, Paperback, ISBN 9783936546637. The official Lazarus Book in German. Out of print.
  • Lazarus - The Complete Guide by M. van Canneyt, M. Gärtner, S. Heinig, F. Monteiro de Cavalho, I. Ouedraogo: Blaise Pascal Magazine 2011, Paperback, ISBN 9789490968021- The official Lazarus Book in English. Out of print.

Books about Pascal (or SQL) that are helpful, though not dealing specifically with Free Pascal or Lazarus

These books do not cover Lazarus or Free Pascal specifically but can still be very useful.

  • Essential Pascal - Introduction to Pascal by Marco Cantu. Written originally in English but now translated into many languages.
  • Essential SQL - Useful if you use a SQL-based RDBMS such as Firebird, Interbase, PostgreSQL with FPC/Lazarus
  • Delphi Basics - A booklike website that "provides help and reference for the fundamentals of the Delphi language. It gives an introduction to the Delphi Object Oriented Language for newcomers, and provides a ready reference for experienced programmers."

Periodicals which publish content about Free Pascal and Lazarus

  • Blaise Pascal Magazine - A bi-monthly magazine dedicated to all types of Pascal programming, including Lazarus/Free Pascal, Delphi. Offers English, Dutch and Russian editions.
  • Clube Delphi - From Brazil in Portuguese. Mostly dedicated to Delphi, but also publishes Free Pascal/Lazarus material regularly.
  • Pascal Gamer Magazine - a free, online, downloadable (PDF) publication devoted to game development in Pascal

Periodic Magazines which publish content about other Pascal variants

  • Entwickler Magazin A German magazine on software development that occasionally includes articles on Delphi.

Scientific journals, which publish articles on Pascal, Free Pascal or Lazarus

  • Olympiads in Informatics. A refereed scholarly journal that is focused on research and practice of professionals who work in the field of teaching and learning informatics. ISSN 1822-7732

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