How to add icons my package components

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We have package "my_pkg" with components TComp1, TComp2 and want to add icons for components to IDE component pallete.

First we have to make .png 24x24 files: tcomp1.png, tcomp2.png. If you want to get them from Delphi package, you can use the free "XN Resource Editor" to export icons from .dcr files.

Now we need app "lazres". It's located in "tools" subfolder of IDE folder. Compile it under Windows: "c:\lazarus\tools\lazres.lpi" to lazres.exe. We use lazres.exe to create Lazarus resource file .lrs from .png files:

 c:\lazarus\tools\lazres.exe my_icons.lrs *.png

Into package my_pkg we add file my_icons.lrs (tab "Add file", type LRS). At least one unit in package must have:

  • "initialization" in which we must write
 {$I my_icons.lrs}
  • also "uses LResources" in this unit.

Compile and install the package, two icons must appear.